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2% Fee

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Frequently Asked Questions

100% Fair Game thanks to the Solana blockchain.

Every time a new game is started, the code looks for the last block of the solana blockchain, to verify if it is an odd or even number, this makes the game totally fair making the probability of losing 50% and winning 50%.

Who are we?

We are Cyberlinx, an NFT project of the Solana network, builders of Engranaje Cyberlinx or ECy a system of utilities and Web3 games. The Lucky Circle, is one of our creations, which allows the user to choose between two colors, and play double or nothing, with Energy purchased with Sol. The prize is reflected in Energy that you can use in ECy, or redeem them for Solana at any time. For each color chosen a fee of 3% is charged, distributed 50% to the Project Treasury and 50% to the Team.

What are the odds?

It is a fair game. The odds of winning are 50/50, we have no house edge or margin, it has a RTP of 100%. The Treasury (the funds for the self-sustainability of the ECy), the house and the Team, are fed by the fee.

Where can I track transactions?

Transactions can be tracked:
👀 House portfolio: 79cqQaRiVUA1DnyCUV1PaYdE6LEzMLGKRNaBGAHNRjAS
👀 Fee portfolio: 3qUrAq7P5F93MdPocB9CEWpUFgP1dD95i6cN2AP2Kpsw

Where can I learn more?

Join us on Discord, there will always be someone to help you.
👀 discord

How to play?

1. Connect your ghost wallet.
2. Select the color from the two available options.
3. Choose the amount of Solana to bet and win: 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2.
4. Click on the Double or nothing button and wait for the loading to finish and the result to be displayed. The amount will be subtracted from your Wallet and will be reflected on the top right side of the platform.
5. If you have won, the amount of Solana you chose to play will be doubled, and you will be able to add it to your Wallet by clicking on the Claim button. Until you claim the prize, you will not be able to continue playing.
6. If your luck is not with you, you will see a button that will take you back to the Circle, where you can continue playing.
7. Are you ready, good luck to you!